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Tools To Handle Logs

Peavey Mfg., Log Jack w/3.5 ft. Hardwood Handle

Cutting trees and moving logs is a heavy, sometimes dangerous business. It is important for loggers to move logs correctly without causing harm to the logger or other workers on site. It helps to have logging tools like log jacks, skidding tongs, lifting tongs, cant hooks and pickeroons.

Pickeroons are simple pick-like devices that save an arborist’s back while repositioning the logs as needed. For instance, many use them to retrieve logs from the back of a truckbed. Others use them to snag and drag logs from a pile of firewood. Still others use them for dragging logs to set them up at a splitter. They can also be used to stand up logs for splitting with a maul.

A cant hook is an invaluable aid to a logger. With its curved, hooked iron bar at the end of a long wooden pole, the cant hook helps an arborist pull logs away from a pile. By using the cant hook, a logger can control the weight of the log without risking personal injury. Cant hooks are a well-known, old-fashioned logging invention that helps the logger roll or maneuver heavy logs into position for sawing. Generally, the wooden handle is two to five feet long.

Skidding tongs or lifting tongs can be attached to a pulley system. They grab and move heavy logs to a new position. This is perfect for keeping workers out of harm’s way. With the help of a lifting tong, an entire load of logs can be moved swiftly and easily across the yard, onto a truck or off of a truck. Without it, moving the logs may be dangerous or simply impossible due to the weight. Manufacturers generally specify that tongs should not be used above the head of the operator.

Much like a jack lifts a car to remove a tire, log jacks are designed to use leverage to lift a log either to move it or to get the logs behind it. It is a versatile and helpful tool.

When all of these tools are on hand, an arborist has plenty to help him when a tree has just been felled, when the load is too heavy, or when he is loading or unloading logs.

Logging tools are important for tree removal services, landscapers and gardeners. Many find it useful to keep log jacks or cant hooks on hand for regular yard maintenance at home.

Tools like lifting tongs and pickeroons help bundle firewood. Logging tools are also useful for the homeowner who keeps a regular store of firewood on site.


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