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What Gear Should An Arborist Have?

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Arborist climbing gear is needed by anyone who wants to trim trees for a living. This gear consists of a number of items that are designed to keep tree climbers safe. A double braid rope is essential, and it should be at least 5/8 inches in diameter. Climbing helmets are another good idea and can protect arborists from falling limbs. Climbing spurs and carabiners are also essential. Using spurs can help an arborist up a tree, and a carabiner is a multi-purpose snap to hold gear.

A double braid rope is essential for arborist’s safety. These ropes should be at least 5/8 inches thick. This will provide the proper strength to support a tree climber safely. Ropes should also be regularly maintained to prevent them from fraying. Many climbers prefer to keep their ropes tucked away when they are not being actively used. Ropes are usually used in conjunction with harnesses and carabiners to provide fall protection for climbers.

Climbing helmets are mandatory on most jobs because they are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Helmets should be the right size and fit snugly. Adjustable helmets are often purchased and are used by large companies that have several employees. Helmets should be in accord with the latest OSHA regulations to ensure climber safety. These products are necessary for anyone who cuts limbs from large trees. Falling limbs can be dangerous, but protection is offered by a quality helmet.

Carabiners are a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a number of different jobs. They are steel hooks that easily open and close. This allows climbers to attach them to their harness or rope. Clipping a carabiner onto tools provides a hands free way to hold items while at dangerous heights. These products come in a range of different sizes and can be used to hold saws as well as other items that are needed by an arborist when they are at heights.

Getting started climbing a tree is best done with climbing spurs. These are like small knives that can be attached to specialized boots. The spurs provide arborists with a grip that makes it easy to get started up a tree. Spurs also make it easy for climbers to keep their balance and provide another hands-free method for climbing. Trees without limbs, such as pine or other evergreens, often require climbing spurs to help arborists get started up the tree.

Anyone who trims trees or landscapes for living needs to be sure they have arborist climbing gear. These products are mandated by OSHA and provide fall protection for climbers. A double braid rope is indispensable and is used to keep climbers from falling. Using a quality rope in tandem with a harness and rope grab ensures that arborists will never have to worry about falling from their tree. Climbers need to have a carabiner as well. These are snapping hooks that can be used to hold tools while at heights. They can be clipped onto a rope or harness and then will hold chainsaws or other equipment.


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