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Protecting Your Sight

Edge Dakura Camo with Copper Lens Safety Glasses
Elvex is a manufacturer that designs high performance safety glasses. Most safety glasses in the workplace are designed for men, but Elvex safety glasses are made to fit the smaller features of the female face. Some of the nice features of the Elvex safety glasses are that they are colorful with rubber tipped temples. They also have a rubber nose bridge for comfort. The lenses come with a 99 percent UV protection and come in clear, anti-fog, amber and a gray that can be worn indoors or out.

Edge safety glasses are designed to be sleek with wrap around frames that meet all safety standards of the industry. The high quality of the frames and the polycarbonate lenses will give consumers a great value for their money spent on protective eye-wear. Edge safety glasses have wrap-around sides with no distortion. They also have scratch and fog resistant coating. They are good for work or for play and the lenses come in yellow, amber, clear, gray and an assortment of mirror lens colors.

Some jobs and hobbies require more than just a pair of safety glasses. They require safety goggles for better eye protection. Goggles have a facial seal that is a foam padded gasket that will protect your eyes from debris, dust and wind. The frames are replaced with an adjustable headband made of elastic so it will fit your head tightly.

Goggles can also be prescription type and bifocal models to protect the eyes with added vision clarity. Protective goggles are used by construction workers, doing activities like sports or sculpting and other jobs that require your eyes to be fully protected. While working around the house on home repairs, you should wear goggles so no hazardous materials will get into your eyes. The goggles will protect your whole face from debris flying around. You should make sure your goggles fit correctly so they can protect your eyesight.

There are many work places that require their employees to wear safety goggles. When working with chemicals that are harmful with the potential to splash, goggles should be worn. These goggles allow you to see what is in front of you as well as being able to see around the sides. The goggles are clear and give you a good view no matter how you turn your head. They are also light weight and should not be used where there could be flying objects.

Where lasers and other harmful lights are used, safety goggles should be worn. Lasers and other types of harmful lights could create irreversible eye damage if goggles are not worn. Laser lights could cause blindness if hit in the eye and the retina is damaged. Laser goggles come in different colors and the right color needs to be worn for the color laser you are working with at the time.

Protecting your sight is very important. In many things that we do each day we need to protect our eyes from dust, dirt, flying objects, and chemicals. By wearing protective eye-wear, such as glasses and goggles, your eyes will be protected throughout many tasks at hand.


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