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Tough Tools for Tough Jobs

Crosby 2T Alloy Swivel Eye Hook
Tough jobs require tough tools and when you say the word “tough” you say Crosby. The word “tough” for Crosby therefore means, tough on good quality, tough on dependability, and tough on integrity. The Crosby Group has been in business for several decades and risen to the top of their field by using hard work, perseverance and consistently putting out quality state-of–the-art products for customers.

The manufacturers which together comprise The Crosby Group are all leaders in the industry, known for their experience and production of top-of–the-line equipment. You cannot go wrong when you choose to buy your next tough tools for any tough job with a Crosby logo.

Some of the tools bearing the Crosby trademark from their product line include Crosby shackles, Crosby blocks and Crosby hooks to name a few. If you need to move any form of heavy equipment make Crosby rigging supplies your first choice. Crosby lifting supplies are available to meet all your heavy lifting needs. To give you an idea of the quality products carried by this incredible group, below is an outline of the features of the tools available.

Crosby Shackles: These are top-of-the-line products used around the world in areas of heavy machinery and equipment lifting. There are basically two types of Crosby shackles, the famous Red-Pin and Round – Pin shackles.

Red-Pin Shackles: These include Bow and D shackles and are used primarily for tie-down, towing, lifting and suspension and in some cases side load.

Round Pin Shackles: This encompasses most of the other types of shackles such as: screw pin, alloy screw-pin, bolt shackles, alloy bolt shackles, cold tough shackles, anchor, safety, and wide body shackles. These have all been fatigue and load rated and categorized as lifting accessories to accommodate up to an astronomical 400 tons capacity.

Crosby Blocks: A name known globally for the wide variety of blocks manufactured for all heavy lifting and rigging needs. The different type of blocks in the product line includes:
• Crane Blocks
• Hook Blocks
• Construction Blocks
• Wire rope pulley sheave blocks
• Oilfield Blocks
• Snatch Blocks of various types from Light to Super-Champion
These are just a few of the many types of blocks available through the Crosby manufacturers. Some such as specialized rope blocks, can be customized to the customers specification.

Crosby Hooks: Available in a wide range of different types, Crosby hooks are a must for any heavy lifting application. These include swivel hooks, shank hooks, chain lifting hooks, eye hooks. Whatever the need, whether it involves use on a crane, or for a chain-sling, Crosby offers a great selection of hooks and one can always be found that will match the need.

Handle your heavy hauling or lifting the easy way and avoid being stumped. Tough jobs require tough tools and Crosby lifting supplies are available at your nearest rigging store, or go online where you can find a world of information on the vast product line carried by the Crosby Group. You will never be in a helpless situation again when you opt to use Crosby Rigging supplies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
August 10, 2012 at 11:34 PM

This tool is really useful for the heavy hauling equipments.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
October 22, 2012 at 11:40 PM

I also used that kind of tool in pulling an oversize loads. That was very useful on every job that I've done.

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