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What Exactly Does An Arborist Do?

Climbing Spurs
The arborist is to the tree as a mechanic is the car. The arborist is either a private citizen or a certified specialist that provides their tree expertise to the home owner or even provides their services throughout the community. Trees provide beauty to the community but do need to be maintained and that is where the arborist comes in.

The trained arborist makes sure that a tree is healthy and viable and poses no hazard to the community or home owner. Arborists help in planting, pruning, diagnosing or preventing parasites. If a tree has been damaged either by human or nature, the arborist is skilled in doctoring the tree back to health. Pruning the damaged areas is important and should be done by the skilled professional to prevent a tree from growing abnormally. When there is a need to prune or even take down a tree, the arborist has special equipment.
Double braided rope is specially made to withstand high heat from friction and can hold up to 5,000 pounds. The double braided rope is used in conjunction with carabiners. Carabiners are metal loops with a sprung gate that can hold up to 4,500 pounds but the arborist climbing gear tools is not complete without using sturdy climbing helmets. A climbing helmet is made to protect from all sides in case the arborists falls from a tree. This is where climbing spur is handy as they dig into the tree for a fast hold. Climbing spurs, used with chainsaw boots are essential to the arborist climbing gear equipment. The arborist is ever so careful when using the climbing spurs and will not ascend a living tree because the climbing spur can cause unnecessary damage to the tree as the spur makes holes that can cause growths or shoots that warp a tree not to mention that the holes can let in parasites or other diseases that can harm or even kill a tree.

All this equipment from the climbing helmets to the double braided rope assists the arborist in maintaining the trees in and around the community. A tree specialist is essential to urban communities where trees are subject to everyday life from the air quality to humans or pets. An arborist can help the community not just by maintaining a living tree but removing a dead tree as well before it is subject to the wind or other elements and cause damage to a home, business or to people.


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