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The Essential Rigging Supplies

Crosby 5/8" G-209 Screw Pin Shackle
A rigger is no ordinary job. Danger is always lurking in every corner and ready to collapse on you with one false move. Despite all the dangers that are attached to the profession, essential rigging supplies are needed to ensure or implement the necessary safety precautionary measures associated with the job.

Here are some essential rigging supplies needed for safe and ideal rigging:

1. Wire rope fittings – Wire rope fittings consists of a wire or a rope, couplers and clamps, pulleys, ratchet straps, bungees, gripples and dynatites and ground anchor.

• Wire or rope – These are the basic materials for hoisting, pulling or tying. Chains can also replace the two, but for tying purposes, wires and ropes are definitely more advisable and appropriate.

• Couplers and clamps – This provides the wire or rope an anchor for connection. It can be used to join two objects together.

• Pulleys – Pulleys provide ease in transporting objects. It serves a pivot point for the rope where friction is minimized for a safe rope tagging.

• Ratchet straps – This eliminates the hardships of tightening the rope to secure the cargo over to the truck or tag line. The ratchet straps secure the cargo with stability and provide ease in loosening the wires during unloading.

• Bungees – Bungees provide extra security for loose cargo attachment.

• Gripples and dynatites – This provides ease in tying a knot. High tension wires are not that easy to knot. Gripples and dynatites can secure a knot together and can lock the end of the wire for a safe tag line.

• Ground anchor – This tool will secure the cargo movement and limit its side sways during hoisting or tagging. It serves as a pivotal point secured on the ground.

2. Turnbuckles – Turnbuckles are very important in the rigging profession. It allows the rigger to tighten loose high tension wires. This safety measure permits a safe and secured tagging or lifting of heavy cargo or parcels with ease and confidence.

3. Shackles – Shackles are used in securing the connection of two objects. It is usually worn using a safety harness to keep the rigger safe on elevated platforms.

4. Swivels – Swivels, like shackles are used to secure connections of two objects. Adjustable screws or interlocking parts provide ease in joining the objects together.

5. Hooks – Hooks are primarily used to hoist or pull the cargo to a designated area. It provides ease in directing hoisted cargo over to the platform or cargo truck.

6. Repair links – Repair links provide ease in fixing dented chains or worn out chain parts. It is comfortably attached to the chains for security purposes when the chain is slightly worn out.

7. Pulling grips – Pulling grips provides ease in pulling heavy loaded ropes or wires. It can help you avoid cuts over your palm while gives you the advantage of exerting extra pulling leverage.

Basic but essential rigging supplies that would perfectly suit your rigging needs for a comfortable and safe rigging. Rigging is a challenging job but with the necessary and indispensable rigging tools, your job is far more safe and comfortable.


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