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Securing Your Load

Crosby 1/4" x 20' C-187 Boomer Chain
It is crucially important to maintain proper load securement while driving. Improper securement will result in a loss of items, and a potential safety hazard. By learning and using the following methods, you will ensure that your belongings are properly secured, thereby preventing any possible damage from occurring.

Flatbed winches are one of the most common forms of load security. These forms of security allow for durable and long-lasting protection. Flatbed winches will secure most forms of cargo, and will maintain a strong-hold on all hitches.

Tie down chains are commonly used for the transport of large items. These secure straps will allow for a tight, cross-panel hold. By placing these chains both horizontally and vertically, you will secure the heaviest of loads with ease. This is one of the most economical, and efficient, means of securing any load during a long-distance haul.

If you are using a flatbed trailer to haul your load, then ratchet straps may be your best choice. These traditional straps are able to secure both wide and heavy loads securely. Many ratchet straps are made of nylon, which allows for maximum security with very little stretch. Although most commonly used for large loads, ratchet straps can be custom fitted to most any size load. These straps are ideal for flatbed trailers, trucks and larger moving trucks.

Winch straps are also perfect for moving trucks or flatbed trailers. These straps are often colored and labeled, allowing you to maintain highway regulations while traveling with your load. Tight-fitting and secure, winch straps will be able to harness onto virtually any truck available. The harnesses are usually falt-hooks, and can be easily extended with a chain extension.

Load binders are used to secure loads which are not perfectly flat, as the chains are able to form around most all forms of cargo. These chains are ideal for securing items such as lawnmowers, motors and accessories. Chain binders can also be used as an extension to previously owned load security devices.

D-rings allow for customization of any trailer or anchoring device. D-rings are ideal for harnessing a larger load safely and securely. D-rings also allow you to upgrade your trailer, thereby allowing you to travel with a consistently larger load. There are many rings from which to choose, as they each offer different benefits. Rotating anchor rings allow for a greater range of mobility while loading your cargo. Surface mount rings are ideal for harnessing lighter loads, while recessed rings are more beneficial for heavier loads.

Hooks are ideal for loads that consist of many smaller items. Hooks are able to effectively secure tires, luggage and an assortment of tools. Hooks can be hitched onto most any style of truck and are perfect for securing individual loads.

By selecting the best means of load securement, you can be assured that your cargo will remain safe and intact. It is important to select the load securement device which is best suited for your vehicle, as this allows you to get all of the benefits from the device.


These thing is associated with wire rope and it must be used with due planned. Putting a super hard load while using a very thin wire rope is really an accident. We should be careful enough and choose the right load that balances the wire rope with the winch.

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