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Falling Back On The Right Equipment

FallTech Journeyman Cross-Over Harness
Fall Protection Harnesses provide protection for all types of workers.   The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that workers wear protective harnesses when they are working at heights greater than 6ft (general industry requirement).  Most harnesses on the market today, and all of the safety harnesses we sell, are designed to comply with the latest OSHA regulations and ensure workers are as safe as possible.   You can choose from many brands, but two of our best-selling brands are FallTech and Capital Safety (includes the DBI / Sala & Protecta brands).  These two manufacturers offer a wide range of safety harnesses that offer cutting-edge features and tremendous comfort.

We offer harnesses from other manufacturers too, such as Elk River and Tractel.  Why do we offer so many brands?  It's simple...we choose carefully while attempting to offer our customers a solid selection and plenty of options.  The days of wearing just "any old harness" are over.  Today, you can have a harness that was specifically designed to meet your needs and body type.  That translates into functionality and comfort, two key attributes to keep you working efficiently.  In the end, it's less about choosing a brand than it is choosing the harness that's just right for you.

Also, with all of the options we have to offer, it's important to understand what our different harnesses are used for.  First, we offer several "basic" harnesses.  It's funny to use that word, because what is basic today was top-shelf just a few years ago it seems.  Still, if you're operating on a budget and have basic fall protection needs, we can supply you with an affordable safety harness.  Two models that come to mind are the FallTech 7016 and Protecta Pro #1191237.  Both will give you all the basic features you need to keep safe, without adding on features that quickly raise their respective price points.

For construction workers, the ability to hang bags and gear off a waist belt, and proper support for your back and shoulders can be considered essential.  Many of our harnesses are appropriate for this type of use.  In a construction-style harness, you can find standard models that have a waist belt, tongue and buckle leg straps, three d-rings and that's about it.  The best example of such a harness--equipped with all the right features and a great price--is the Protecta Pro #1191209.  It's a truly great value and one of our best-selling harnesses day after day.

We have more exotic options too, like fully-featured and maximum-comfort harness like the FallTech ComforTech #7081.  This is a harness for those that want the best and don't want to necessarily pay for it.  This harness cuts no corners, but it comes in at a price tag much lower than some of its competitors.  And if you're a tower climber by trade, then we have you covered too.  Whether you want the latest and greatest ExoFit NEX or something more basic, we have a good option for you.  Our tower climbing harnesses feature multiple d-rings for advanced positioning and climbing techniques.  They're comfortable too, using the best and lightest materials available today so you're packing no more weight than you must during your day.

The simple fact is that today, fall protection is becoming the rule and is no longer the exception.  Chances are that if you're working more that 6ft off the ground, then you need to be tied off properly.  It starts with choosing a harness that fits properly, but it doesn't end there.  You'll need to make sure you're attached to a proper harness and lanyard.  Yes, we have many of those to choose from as well.

We want to be here for you in all aspects.  We hope that you'll become a customer, but even if you don't, feel free to call or email us with questions about your personal fall protection situation.  We work directly with manufacturers and experts in this field, so we can get you the answer you need faster than most.  We also keep a lot of our inventory on hand, so the harnesses we talk about here...we've seen them, handled them, and in some cases worn them.  Just be sure that the next time you hit the jobsite you're wearing the right fall protection gear for the job.  Not only will it keep you safe (and that's what really matters), but it's legally required too!


right Falling back harness provide you protection for all of roof workers.
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