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The Crosby Group: Leaders in Heavy Lifting

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It seems that in the world of rigging gear, there is Crosby, and then all the rest.  Perhaps that is a bit unfair, but the truth is that for professionals that rely on their rigging hardware to perform when it counts the most, no other brand instills as much confidence as Crosby.  Yes, there are other great manufacturers, but Crosby products have proven themselves in the toughest environments all over the world.  Many of their key products--such as G-209 Shackles and G-450 Clips--use an unmistakable red component (i.e., shackle pin or u-bolt) that allows users to quickly identify Crosby product in the field.

The Crosby Group LLC provides thousands of product choices for consumers in practically all industries.  In addition to putting out a great product, Crosby goes a step further with literature and education.  They have one of the most robust and informative catalogs available, and of course, all material can be accessed through their website which is also thorough and user-friendly.  In addition to printed and electronic resources, Crosby has trained sales representatives in the field that conduct rigging safety seminars (free of charge).  This keeps users up to speed on the latest in safe lifting practices and helps to keep employers compliant with OSHA requirements.

Let's visit a few of Crosby's best-known products.

Crosby Shackles
No matter the lift--from 20lbs to 1,550T--Crosby has the shackle you need.  No rigging job is too big or small when it comes to Crosby's shackle lineup.  Those that know rigging know that shackles (aka clevises) are used pretty much everywhere, and that's why Crosby has spent so much time perfecting their complete line of shackles.  All common types--anchor shackles with pins or bolts, chain shackles, sling shackles--and many other exotic shackles are available from Crosby.  Additionally, Crosby shackles feature Quic-Check(r) marks that allow instant visual indication of an angular lift beyond 45 degrees.  All standard Crosby shackles are Quenched and Tempered and Fatigue Rated, meaning the shackle will stretch and give prior to breaking.  This is important because the deformation that takes place serves as a warning to users that the shackle has been overloaded and will soon fail.  While other shackle manufacturers may try to claim superior performance or higher Working Load Limits, our customers can attest that at the end of the day, the Crosby shackle will be the last one standing (or should we say lifting?).

Crosby Hooks
Almost as legendary as their shackles, Crosby's hooks come in many shapes and sizes and offer superior performance over the competition.  With over twenty types of hooks, you can surely find one to suit your rigging needs.  From standard sling hooks to Shur-Loc(r), chain hoist replacement hooks and even weld-on bucket hooks, Crosby has you covered.  For their most common hooks--such as the S-320AN, S-322AN and S-1317A--latch kits are readily stocked at our stores and on Crosby's shelves.  This is important because for many of our customers, a hook without a latch is immediately removed from service until the latch is properly replaced.  Because of their popularity, we stock Crosby latch kits and when we run out, Crosby practically always has them ready to ship.  Take a look at the many types of Crosby hooks available today and you're sure to find one just right for your application.  Like their shackles, most of Crosby's hooks feature Quic-Check(r) markings and are Quenched and Tempered / Fatigue Rated.

Crosby Blocks
While many of our customers today opt for more economical, imported rigging blocks, there are still many that simply don't want to settle for anything less than the best.  What's the best you ask?  Well, most would agree that Crosby blocks offer the best build quality of all blocks on the market today.  And like other popular items of theirs, Crosby offers myriad block types to meet the needs of practically every user.  They have all kinds of snatch blocks, crane / construction blocks, manila blocks, sheaves and more.  You don't have to buy Crosby, but if you want a block that will last and perform 24/7/365, then you may want to consider it.

Wire Rope Clips
In our shop it is most common for us to swage on end fittings, whether to make an eye or install a different type of end fitting.  In the field, however, most don't have access to a $50,000 industrial swage press that weighs thousands of pounds.  When that's the case, end terminations are made using more rudimentary methods.  The most common way to terminate wire rope in the field is by using a wire rope clip (aka cable clamp).  No brand of clip sells better nor is more recognizable than the Crosby G-450 Clip.  The Red-U-Bolt(r) provides instant visual recognition of a Crosby branded clip, and instills a supreme sense of confidence in the user.  In addition the G-450 Clip, Crosby makes other types of clips and wire rope end fittings.  While they are all popular, I simply don't have the space to talk about all of them here.

Crosby has a well-earned reputation in their industry.  They are respected by both their customers and competitors.  The majority of their products are produced in ISO 9001 facilities (most here in the U.S.A.) and Crosby uses extensive third party testing to ensure consistent product quality and unsurpassed reliability.

There is a reason that when it comes to rigging hardware and heavy lift products, we get more inquiries for Crosby than any other brand.  If the evidence laid out here still doesn't have you convinced, then ask around to those in your industry and they are sure to fill you in as to why Crosby products simply cannot be beaten.  Or, head over to The Crosby Group website and see for yourself just how well-established, how thorough and how progressive Crosby is.  I promise, you won't be disappointed!


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