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The Sling Matters

Friday, April 13, 2012

For any heavy-duty lifting and carrying operation, the sling matters.   What does this mean?  Well, it could mean a variety of different things.   It could mean the complete failure of an ongoing project.  It could mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the business.  It could even mean the difference between life and death.  Certain circumstances require certain tools, so when the circumstances are extreme, depend on Pro-Edge Web Slings.  Synthetic web slings are among the most popular styles in service for industrial usage, and they are popular for personal use as well.  The web sling is generally defined as a type of nylojn or polyester sling that has loops at both ends for attachment purposes.  They can be arranged for use in simple straight picks or more complex multi-leg picks.  They are extremely versatile, great for use in many different applications. The eye & eye style (aka double loop) is the most popular and allows for customization in building a sling system appropriate for all types of situations.

One of the greatest advantages with synthetic web slings is their impressive strength-to-weight ratio.  The industrial-grade webbing used to make them is extremely light, yet tough and strong, and makes handling and transportation more manageable than when using wire rope or alloy chain slings. Another benefit of nylon web slings is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other steel sling options. Manufacturing and proper treatment of steel used for slings is a high-overhead game, while nylon can be produced more quickly and efficiently.  Nylon slings are used by many different people, from workers in manufacturing plants to soldiers on the battlefield.  These slings are indispensable tools for all types of people, in all kinds of places.  Pro-Edge slings are some of the highest quality slings on the market, and that is a fact.  But no matter how strong the slings are, they must always be used according to specifications.

There is such a thing as the right tool for the right job, and this is an important aspect to keep in mind.  In order to use web slings safely, make sure that the size and weight of a load is accurately gauged beforehand.  Every piece of equipment has its limits, so it is essential to know those limits before any action is taken.  Never load a sling past its maximum Working Load Limit because this is a sure way to have something go wrong.  Additionally, sling angles are very crucial to the amount of weight that a sling can carry. A good general rule is to never position slings at angles less than 30 degrees from horizontal.  Finally, avoid shock-loading your slings!  This is a safety hazard that could result in serious injuries or death.  Make sure that every precaution is taken every time you perform a pick, no matter what kind of sling you're using. This will ensure the safety of everybody in the vicinity, and also protect the load from being damaged.


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