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Why Wire Rope?

Compacted Spin Resistant Wire Rope
Wire rope with names such as aircraft cable has many uses. This is a type of rope with wire laid around a core to make strands. Two types of wire rope that is available on the market are called improved plow steel and extra improved slow steel. Characteristics of stainless steel wire rope is its diameter, breaking strength and a resistance to corrosion. General uses of this product include hoisting and rigging.

This rope is typically shipped from the manufacturer and wound around a reel. Unwinding stainless steel wire rope from a reel should not be done unless the the reel is stationary. Place the reel over a pipe or another fixed object before you begin unwinding the wire. Make sure you identify the lay of the wire when it is wound back on the reel. Make certain that you do not accidentally drop the reel of wire on the ground as this will cause the wire to get damaged.

When you receive a reel of wire from the manufacturer it will need to be examined. You will need to verify that it is the correct type of rope and that it is not damaged. When a reel of wire is stored, it needs to be kept away from moisture, heat and any corrosive compounds. If the reel is to be kept out in the elements, if should be stored under a cover and up off of the ground. You should put a lubricating oil over the wire to protect it from corroding.

Many methods can be used to cut lengths of galvanized wire rope from the reel. Make sure that you use the correct type of tool to cut the wire. You will need to always wear heavy gloves and eye protection. When a new wire is installed or put in place, it will need a period of break-in. This is when the wire is put through its paces at slow speed to make sure no problems occur. Continue this process for several cycles with light stress to ensure adjustment to wire rope fittings and wire rope accessories.

Other uses of galvanized wire rope include using it with a winch. This product is strong as is capable of lifting and pulling on extremely heavy weights. When searching for wire rope, you will need to determine the capacity on the reel. This should be included in the specifications that are listed for the product. When wire rope fittings or wire rope accessories begin to wear, the rope will should be replaced.


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