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Getting the Tough Jobs Done

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tough jobs require tough tools.  But getting the tough jobs done shouldn't break your back.  Having the right tools means you can work smarter, not harder.  Instead of breaking your back to get the job done, invest in the right equipment from the start.  If your job requires heavy lifting, then you will be happy if you invest in a quality Comealong, Lever Chain Hoist or Hand Chain Hoist.  In the right application, these tools can really make your life easier and the initial up front cost will be a distant memory compared tot he convenience they offer you.  Like most things, there are many brands to choose from these days.

Magna Lifting Products has a very solid track record for durability, and their products don't come with a top-shelf price to match their performance.  Use one of their quality hoists or pullers and you'll save time, and your back!  For those that like high-quality American made products, Maasdam Pow'R-Pull comealongs make a great choice.  They function well, last a very long time and are quite affordable...yet another line of rigging tools that can help you work more efficiently.  Save your time, save your back!

Perhaps you're working in a shop environment, and a manually-operated hoist isn't fast enough.  If that's the case, then be sure to check out the benefits of today's slick Electric Chain Hoists.  As long as you have the proper power supply, you can rig up an electric chain hoist using a nice Beam Clamp or Trolley, and really streamline your material handling needs.  Again, there are many brands out there so be sure to choose wisely.  We have represented Harrington Hoists for years and find their products are second-to-none in terms of build quality, performance and longevity.  They also offer all the replacement parts you could ever need, as well as comprehensive service options.  Of course, electric hoists are more expensive than traditional manual hoists, but there really is no difference when it comes to performance.

Remember, it's 2012.  High-quality tools are readily available and priced affordably today, so stop abusing your body (or the bodies of your employees) with unnecessary labor.  There are no "human forklifts" despite what some may think.  You are risking unnecessary injury, downtime and possibly Worker's Compensation issues with back-breaking labor practices.  Not only that, but if part of your job is serving customers, they will respect the efficiency you gain by employing the right rigging tools for each job.  Cost is an issue, we all look at the bottom line.  But the cheapest rigging in the world is the "right" rigging the first time.

Whether your work in construction, on a farm / ranch or inside an industrial shop, you will find that you can do much more productive work by using proper lifting tools.  Additionally, having the right gear could very well mean you can bid on and land jobs that used to be beyond your capabilities.  It's a lot like modern technology...we can all agree that it's hard to imagine a world without cell phones.  If someone took your cell phone away, you'd likely be in a state of panic.  You will have similar feelings after getting your hands on high-quality rigging tools.  Once you've worked with them, you'll never want to work without them.  Again, we can and should be proud of putting in hard day's work.  But, working too hard at the expense of your body just isn't smart.  Get yourself some quality rigging tools (such as lever chain hoists and comealongs) and you will save time while protecting your body.


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