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Getting The Right Fit

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tree saddles are made specifically with professional tree climbers in mind, usually consisting of straps, buckles, d-rings, leather and / or webbing. They fit comfortably around the waist and the legs and help to safely support the climber. A good, comfortable saddle is perhaps the most personal piece of equipment that a climber uses. Whether you are climbing recreationally or as part of your occupation, it is very important to have a tree saddle that fits properly. A proper fit ensures that the Tree Saddle will be safe as well as comfortable and easy to wear, supporting you in the right areas.

There are several tree climbing clubs, especially in the Pacific northwest, that offer training and equipment recommendations based on the knowledge they have gained from many years of tree climbing. Although less common, tree climbing techniques are also taught to foresters and firemen who would find themselves in situations that require being able to climb trees.

Two companies that are very popular and really stand out as market leaders in tree saddle manufacturing are Weaver Leather and Petzl. Our experienced customers have chosen these brands time and again for key features like comfort, durability and price.

Weaver has a wide selection of tree saddles to accommodate all users in all sizes. One of the most popular styles is the 4D Extra Wide Batten Seat Leather Tree Saddle. This saddle's very name hints at some of its great features. The back is extra wide and the batten seat is covered in foam and extremely comfortable. It is great for arborist professionals that log long hours in a tree on a regular basis. The saddle features forged aluminum d-rings and the black anodized finish offers great corrosion protection. The result is a d-ring that is strong yet lightweight, two great characteristics for climbers. The saddle is also easy to put on and take off, and you can adjust it to fit securely using the tongue & buckle straps.  The nylon loops, used for hanging saws and other gear, are protected with clear rubber tubing. Each loop can hold at least 15lbs of accessories. The back is tanned top grain leather, and the entire saddle weighs about 6 pounds.

Now, how about Petzl? They also offers saddles in a variety of types, sizes and prices. These saddles are made from very lightweight synthetic materials. These materials are of the highest quality and the workmanship is unrivaled. Petzl Tree Saddles are constructed with comfort, efficiency and safety as top priorities. So if you want a great lightweight saddle with an innovative design, then go with a trusted name like Petzl and you won't regret it.

Weaver offers a line of tree saddles that commonly feature a durable leather construction (one exception being the Cougar Tree Saddle), yet they are a little heavier than newer synthetic saddles.  Petzl, on the other hand, offers tree saddles made of synthetic materials. The result is a saddle that is lightweight, innovative and durable. No matter which brand of saddle you choose, just know that both manufacturers use top-of-the-line materials and both are extremely well-respected for producing safe, quality gear.


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