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Having The Right Rigging Hardware

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It may seem pretty severe to hear something like this, but without the proper rigging supplies someone could lose their limb or even worse, their life. It is actually preferred that anyone applying for an intermediate rigging license first needs to hold a basic rigging license for twelve months minimum and has already passed a practical assessment. Holding an intermediate license holds you even more accountable for the protection of the others on the team. The higher up the ladder you go the more responsibility you claim. Many intermediates are in charge of double checking the rigging supplies to check for safety issues and for flaws. Some of the main inspections will be done on the following pieces of equipment:

Shackles: generally formed from carbon or alloy they have a working load from ½ ton to 10 tons. Shackles, pins, and the bolts are all heat treated so that they will be able to hold their maximum weight capacity.

Hooks: while not all hooks are made with security latches, the industry is trying to establish that all of them able to lift more than 7100 pounds and have spring-loaded latches attached.

Turnbuckles: using several different sized turnbuckles for one job is not unusual, they are used for causing tension or loosening either chain or wire ropes.

Pulling grips: in most cases when you are looking for a grip they are sold in sets of pulling grips ranging from 4 to 5 different sizes. These are galvanized and used to lead electrical, data, or communication cables through conduit at a low tension.

Swivels: when using swivels they are generally used to save time within the job. They are able to swivel 360 degrees and are used to loosen or adjust a load in a certain direction without unhooking or halting the job.

Wire Rope Fittings: these are often called wire rope clips as well, but whatever you call them, wire rope fittings are secured to the load to hold the metal wires into place.

Repair Links: any site is going to want to have a plentiful amount of Repair Links available and on site. These are basically one link to a chain that is not sealed so that they can replace a broken link. They are made from carbon or stainless steel and alloy.

It may sound like a lot of things to double check all of these rigging supplies on any job site, but imagine how many times they have to be checked, double checked, and even triple checked before a job can begin. Many workers that have been in this industry say that this industry has actually put many people out of jobs because the machines do the work and not the people. Instead of things being transported manually by humans, much of the work is being done by machines and that is where rigging comes in. It is generally stated that that whatever cannot be moved by a basic crane and pulley system will need to be transferred to a rigging company to be completed successfully, and safely.


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