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The Importance of Choosing the Right Lifting Clamp

Crosby Lifting Clamp

There are many different lifting clamps designed for specific types of lifts. Going with a manufacturer that has a professional reputation and years of experience will ensure that the clamps selected are of high quality. Crosby, Terrier and Campbell are all clamp manufacturers that are well respected within the industry.

The working load limit and the task the clamp will be used need to be known, so that the right clamps can be chosen. Exceeding the working load limit can cause the clamp to fail. Using a horizontal clamp for a vertical lift can cause increased wear on the clamp or chance of failure. The correct clamp should always be used for the lift being performed to avoid accidents. Inspection of clamps on a regular basis allows proper maintenance to take place which will increase the life of the clamp.

Steel plate lifting clamps are designed to rotate or lift sheets of steel. More complex clamps are able to lift horizontally and vertically or lift and rotate. The steel plate lifting clamps can come with hand grips or are designed to be suspended.

Beam lifting clamps are designed to move beams without the need for slings, spreader bars and chokers. Without the need for other pieces of equipment makes these clamps easier to use and safer. Any time that beams need to be used in even a semi-regular basis, beam lifting clamps should be on hand.

The Crosby Group Inc, manufactures a full line of lifting clamps. The full line of Crosby clamps are designed to move, lift and turn sheet steel or fabricated pieces. In addition to clamps, Crosby also manufactures wire rope clips that meet ASME B30.26 requirements. For clamps that are going to be used in rigging or with larger fabrication, Crosby clamps are a widely used option.

Terrier lifting clamps has been manufacturing clamps for over 30 years. Beyond manufacturing a full line of clamps including horizontal, screw, drum and specialty clamps can also design custom clamps. If current of future production will need custom designed clamps, going with Terrier lifting clamps will be a good choice.

Campbell lifting clamps are popular will steel warehouses and fabricators. The Campbell GX contains a spring loaded cam to ensure proper contact. Made of forged parts, these clamps have among the lowest weight to working weight limit ratios available. Wear indicators make it easy to know when parts need to be replaced. Operations involving warehousing or fabrication make Campbell lifting clamps attractive because the majority of workers will already be familiar with the GX series of clamps.

The decision on what clamps are needed should be based on long term needs. By staying with one manufacturer, the work involved in maintenance can be kept to a minimum. Crosby, Terrier and Campbell all make high quality clamps that will do well with general applications. When more specialized needs are required, stick with a company that is known for solving that need.


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