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Better Safe Than Sorry

Tractel TowerPro Harness with Seat Saddle
Did you know that falls is one of the leading causes of death in America?

The importance of fall protection harnesses cannot be overstated. Having the proper gear is of utmost importance in dangerous activities such as: building construction, mountaineering, sky diving, as well as other extreme sports and recreational activities. Fall protection harnesses are instrumental in saving lives, allowing people to come home after the day's activity. If you have one of the most dangerous jobs in America or your someone who engages in extreme sports, let these popular fall protection harnesses save you.

1. Elk River Harnesses – One of the main manufacturers of the broad fall protection line for over twenty years. The Elk River Harnesses are designed to be extremely strong, but remained lightweight and comfortable to the user. Its ergonomic design incorporates shoulder, back, hip, and leg padding. Each of their harnesses are designed with you in mind allowing you to avoid the guess work.

2. Capital Safety Harness – The worldwide expert and leader in fall protection, The Capital Safety Harness is becoming one of the top favorite manufacturers of harnesses and safety equipment. They offer a comprehensive line-up of products in the industry at a price you can afford. Boasting 50 years of experience. Capital Safety Harnesses are mainstays of modern fall protection in hazardous jobs and activities. Their product has earned a reputation for maximum comfort, freedom of movement, and unique torso adjusters.
3. FallTech Harnesses – At present, they have managed to develop seven basic series of protection lines, which comes in different sizes and configurations. All of their harnesses are proudly hand made and are truly cut above standard. The have also been known for the high quality polyester webbings that exceed industry standards for tensile strength of more than 1,300 pounds. While they may not be the biggest, FallTech Harnesses is truly working to be the best in the market!

4. Tractel Harness – They provide customers with the industry’s most advanced solution in fall protection. Through a distribution network of over 8,000 distributors, their client base has access to a broad product portfolio known for its diverse needs. The Tractel Harness is the top selling product line, which is available in three sizes. Each of them can be equipped with standard or automatic adjustment buckles. This company guarantees that their equipment is in perfect condition and meets the highest standard of quality that customers truly deserve.

The price of an accident is always high. Do not settle for a cheaper or less efficient system that will not last and fail to protect your most valuable asset – LIFE. Whatever brand you opt to use as your fall protection, may it be Tractel Harnesses, FallTech Harnesses, or Elk River Harnesses, be clear on your understanding of how to use the product. Be sure to know the entire process of using your gear and regularly inspect the harness prior to leaving the ground. Any deformity or suspected damage on the device should result in replacing the item immediately. Always avoid the worst – put safety first!


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