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The Advantages of Using Wire Rope

19x7 Spin-Resistant Wire Rope
The popularity of wire ropes continues to increase because there are so many advantages to using wire based rope. Wire rope can be designed specifically for certain applications and the life span of the wire rope will far exceed that of a traditional fiber wound rope.

One of the many benefits of wire braided rope is that it supports a large tensile strength. Tensile strength is a measure of how much of a pull an item can take before it breaks. The tensile strength of a wire based rope is a lot higher than it is for a fiber based rope. Because of the high tensile strength, wire based ropes are often used in commercial and factory settings. Stainless steel wire rope is going to be able to carry a lot more weight than a fiber based rope.

Elevators always use wire based ropes because the wire based ropes are much more durable and stronger than their fiber rope counterparts. Anytime an application requires a strong rope for safety reasons a wire based rope is always the first choice.

Wire based ropes can be made several different ways. Some different types of wire based rope that are common include strands, spiral strands, and stranded rope. Each method is a different way of building and wrapping the wire fibers that make up the heart and strength of the wire based rope.

Wire braided ropes are very adaptable to many conditions that would over-stress fiber rope. Wire braided rope is generally safer than using a fiber based rope because you will be able to visually see a damaged wire braided rope but a fiber rope can easily break without prior warning. Galvanized wire rope will work in numerous conditions that a traditional rope does not stand a chance in. Galvanized wire rope is an extremely popular option when a person needs a lot of tensile strength. There are many wire rope fittings that can retain the wire braided rope strength. The wire rope accessories need to be for your specific application and intended use.

Depending on the specific application you intend on using the wire braided rope in will depend on which type of braid of wire based rope you will use. Wire braided rope accessories work fluidly with the wire based rope as long as you are using it for the proper application that the rope accessories and wire based rope were intended for.

Stainless steel wire rope and other galvanized wire braided rope demand that you use wire rope fittings that will help to preserve the integrity of the wire braided rope. A wire braided rope is only as strong as the wire braided rope fittings that you use to attach to the end of the wire strand. Wire rope accessories are designed to work with the wire braided rope and the accessories used will determine the overall strength that is retained with the stainless steel wire rope.

A wire braided rope is superior to a traditional fiber rope in many aspects including that a helix wire braided rope is able to hold a lot more weight than a similar diameter sized fiber rope.


Using a wire rope is much more recommendable for safety processes. It consists of several strands of metal which makes it good for outdoor environment use.

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